The Workers of PT. SPMN, the Supplier of Wilmar are Planned the Continued Strike


Jakarta, February 20/2018. After 3 (three) days of strikes and did not get any positive response from the company, the workers those who work for oil palm plantations of PT. Sarana Prima Multi Niaga (SPMN), one of Wilmar Suplayer and RSPO member is planning another strike on February 28.

This continued strike forced to be done because of the company was considered not responding to the demands of the workers. On the contrary, intimidations to the massas of the workers those conducted the strike and to the leaders of the union is actually done by the management of company during and after the strike.

According to one of the leaders of the Serikat Pekerja Sawit Seluruh Indonesia (SPASI) / Indonesian Workers Union of Palm Oil, since the notification letter of the continued strike plan was filed, his party (the Union’s members) were contacted by the people who wanted to meet both the company and the police, but have not got any clarity of the intent and purpose to meet that they asked.

They said that SPASI is very open to be able to negotiate, but during the strike actually the company closed the space for negotiation and only issued a response letter addressed to the Agency of Manpower.

Rahmat, the Chairperson of Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA) expressed his serious disappointment on the response of the company’s management. The company side that during the strike lasted until now was intensively coordinate with the workers who did the strike.

We assess that there are many violations committed by PT. SPMN both before and during the worker’s strike. Several violations allegedly committed by the company, among others, the company has reneged on commitments to pay wage shortages or Top-Up which triggered a strike on 12-14 February.

During this time the company are implement the unfair wage’s system, even there is a wage payment under the standards of law.

We judged that the company did not respect the right to negotiate and to associate of their workers, we are also found the actions that can be categorized as forms of intimidation and obstacles by the company against the workers those who are using their right to strike.

Therefore we would like to remind the parties of the company not to intimidate the workers either directly or throughout the other parties, we appeal to the company, in this case PT. SPMN and TSH Resources Berhad as the holding company to open negotiations and meet the demands of workers.

We also call for the attention of the RSPO on these issues, because SPMN is one of the members of the roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO).

We express our condemnation to the government, in this case the Manpower Agency that seems doing omission ongoing problems that occurred in PT. SPMN and does not take meaningful measures to ensure the respect and fulfillment of the worker’s rights those who are work in PT. SPMN.


Contact Person:

Mohamad Ali, +62 8212-0135-553 (General Secretary of AGRA)